Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Smells of Creativity

I played hookie from work today. I had to paint. The painting I am working on well, trying to, lighting and a few other issues are not beneficial. The painting has some of the same feel as "Male Figure, Bird on Head"

“Loves Anonymity” is a 24 x 18 oil on canvas and in this picture a work in progress. I have another painting I am working on so I can submit it in the London Calling show on this new favorite art site. You can have music playing in your gallery, plus they have opportunities to show in REAL exhibit locations. My art space is free, except for the entry fees to shows.

I almost forgot something else............ A friend of mine, a writer from Delaware sent and asked me to read his soon to be published book. I really and truely enjoyed the Native American story. I just can't wait to see my autographed published copy. CONGRATS Steve Gibbons.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time Flies When You're............................

Since my last post I have been busy with traveling, networking and working. Busy to say the least. Kim Jackson of asked me via e-mail to write a review ( a month ago, it seems ) on the web-site. I am listed on that site and it has a face book appeal to me. I do not use that site for self promotion, but I feel that an artist should use what ever mode they are comfortable with and what works for them and their art. My Art Plot is free and very easy to navigate and of course there is very nice work done by artisans of all genres.

Well, on to other tid-bits from my life. I recently returned from Arizona. I had the most fantastic time there. I have wanted to go to Arizona since childhood. The state was everything and then some of what I had always visioned. The White Tank Mountains with the petroglyph's were wonderful. Sunsets were stunning, the art community is great.

Last night I attended the Historic Charles Street Associations fund raiser gala. I had an extremely grand evening. The Tremont has some beautiful architecture and murals the building was perfect for the event. I can't wait until they upload photos on the site, since everyone had fun.

Baseball season is fast approaching so I have been very busy at work doing the graphics for the Orioles plus the other jobs that are pouring in. I am not complaining!!! with the economy the way it is I feel very lucky.

I am going to run off some prints of my artworks ( job perk!!), which I will of course sell at art festivals and other venues.