Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon

Thursday, July 31, 2008

She Said, She Said...

I am really digging the rain along with the New Moon. On the roof top and Down in the ravine, It reminds me of the " Crying Shower". The cleansing. The inner and outer workings of buildings and the people that dwell with-in them. I posted that writing on my myspace blog.... Lotus_beauty.
Another cool thing happened, 2 or 3 crows were messing around rather curiously on the kitchen skylight. It was odd to see and hear the close inter-action.
I am listening to an interesting mix of music. I have heard my Beetles The Black Album and now The soundtrack from Natural Born Killers. I just love days like this to get your head screwed on tight.
The image posted is titled " Breaking Out of The Past." it resides in Key West FL. The media used for it is : Oil Paint,barbed wire, broken mirror, plaster, rope and razor blades. I wanted to post a sketch I did of a female figure peeling / shedding her skin, BUT I do not have an image of it on my photos. I will post some new work as soon as I get some done.
This image is fitting for the new moon and the cleansing rain.
Till next time....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Them Bones

The 2 workshops I were to do have been officially canceled, by me. :( :( . I think they are looking for someone to take my place in the classes ( Center For The Creative Arts) I feel really sick about not being able to go, but I have to move and II can't afford to do both. I must admit, that even with the ugly feelings I have against Delaware; Newark, my "hometown" has been very supportive in my classes. I was also looking forward to seeing my son Todd, my Momma and a few long-time friends.
My anchor and I went to the Tenino Wine Festival. We met a couple there ( some friends of his ). Bump Kitchen played, they are a really great band. There was a vendor selling sand-cast African beads. The blue ones were my favorite. I did purchase a bone; He thinks it's human and so do I . What do you think?. I also feel it could be a piece of the ulna or radius in the arm. I love it and it was really worth the $5.00. Humm, even dead our bodies have a price......???
So anyway, I want to pick up a motor home ASAP. I am just really digging on that. I have always wanted to have one so I have this opportunity for one ( IT NEEDS CLEANED ) it runs and could be a fairly constant art studio. I have a design already in mind for the table being converted to one that can be placed on an angle, like a drawing table.
Fantasy roadtrip....... if I could, I would drive down through New Mexico, Arizona, New Orleans, Kansas and Florida. I do not think the motor home could handle all that, but it sounds good in my head!!
I broke down and purchased some soft pastels, just so I can have a medium that is dry and has pigment. I am still planning on doing the Lacey Community Market August 9th.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nature Nymph meets Chaos??? ( Edited )

I am in a state of turmoil. I need to create and express visually, since I am not very good at verbal communication during stressed moments. In fact, something very few people know about me; I stutter or stammer when I am VERY stressed. I do speak in public, as in: lectures, presentations or classes. I digress. I have to paint. I think I'm Dt-ing from colbalt blue, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, linseed oil and warm wax. I find myself sniffing oil paintings that are tucked in between their homeless cardboard box layers; Anxious,sitting, waiting for their new??? place.
I have entered the Burning Man '08 community art project( wdydwyd dot com ) DO IT YOUR SELF :) The question is " Why Do You Do What You Do?" My response " Because I am a birth order ( 1st ) woman - marketing tool born in the 60's."

Since I have not been able to paint, just semi-sketch and write. I have been thinking quite a bit about nature and how I really feel AS nature. I am so peaceful, grounded, calm and STILL when in nature, hence the motor home. I love to camp. I give my Mother credit and kudos for this. My Mother has always been one I hold in my utmost admiration, but that will be in the biography. Alright, back to where I was. I feel like I need to re-ground myself.......Did I not just freakin' do this ?? I just went camping for 2 days. I feel that I really need some solitude....NO!! Sanctuary. I stumbled on my artist statement on actual paper tonight, so in my nature thought. I conjured up other nature quotes. I have quoted Thoreau in one of my art statements, well, I covet the life he had on the pond. He was a fortunate man.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote "Nature is the organ through which the universal spirit speaks to the individual, and strives to lead back the individual to it."
The sketch (Painting That Was.) "Lovers Dance" I actually did this as a painting, then covered it up.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full Moon Thursday With a Side of Dynamics

Tonight is the 1st night of the full moon. I'm thinking there will be clear skies, so the view should be wonderful. I have been packing up to move again ( has this ride stopped yet??? ). My brushes, paints and painting surfaces are put away. I hate doing that, it really leaves me feeling distraught. There have been some dynamics in the last week or so and I have the need to get some of the responses out. On a lighter note, there were 2 baby deer in the yard yesterday and they were so darn cute as well as semi friendly. I went to a small bon-fire the other night and met this GREAT sculpture / artist his name is John Reese ( click on entry heading ) check out his site he has some take your breath away pieces. The posted sketch is a self portrait, it fits how I feel. When I have my supplies unpacked I would like to put it on canvas. !!! Enjoy the MOON !!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lacey Community Market

This Saturday from 9 am untill 3 pm I will be selling artwork at the Lacey Community Market ( Southbound I-5 , right on Martin Way, left on College St. Northbound I-5 right on College St. ). Works are from $10.00 and up. I hope to see you there..... let me know if you read about it on this blog.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


In psychodynamics, cathexis is defined as the process of investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object, or idea. I'm working on some 24 x 24 abstracts. Cathexis, the title of the series; They are color and emotion based abstracts and I feel that they come from the PLACE where I am in my life. My relationship, moving ( again ), the process and energy that goes into creating art.I hope the viewer will experience a cathexis of their own as well. I will post images at a later date. The image that is shown is from the BECAUSE of WICHITA series ( the series with human ashes )