Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just Sitting Here Being Weird.........

Wow, the end of May; My calandar shows April still. Life has been steady to say the least,this has me a little out of whack, since I have not had much time for my art work. So, the main content of this posting will be on events and other things: Mothers Day,camping, Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival and SoWeBo Art & Music Fest.

In time line fashion. I will begin with the cool visit from my baby boy (almost 21). He came to see me for Momma day and for the week he was here; He helped get my garden together. We planted 3 types of tomatoes, strawberries and squash. I also planted a bunch of herbs and flowers. It was very nice taking him to work with me, being an artist himself, I think he really liked it. The end of the week brought camping at Capitol KOA and both days at the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival. Man what a weekend (Todd really liked Big Bad Voodoo Daddy & Jonny Lang). Ana Popovic and Shemekia Copeland are at the top of my list.

SoWeBo Arts and Music Fest...........has to be the best art & music fest I have attended. With the exception of the 3 curious, yet scared men following me around it was great. One of my favorite artists there was Loring Cornish. He does these mixed media assemblage pieces.

I have some photos posted at
so check them out there are pictures from all the mentioned topics.

Well, June will soon be here Todd will be 21!!!!! and we are going to the Orioles and Mariners game, then who knows what. Work will be slowing down and I have no real big events coming up, so I will be doing more writing(poetry) and my book reviews for Reviewer Magazine and some ARTWORK!!! I might travel as well.
I almost forgot you can follow me on twitter now. I am not doing it mobile since I am not that attached to my cell. I am not even sure about twitter, so I'll try it and see what happens.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Bird Woman

This has been a very strange couple of weeks. Recently, I lost a friend I have known since kindergarten( see image). She was such a wonderful person and I feel very honored to have had her in my life. She was given the most beautifully tragic funeral service. Patti was a firefighter for many years and had a FULL firefighter service, with hook and ladder arches going into the cemetery.

On the art side I have been working on a “Bird Woman” this is a different art form for me, but it is taken from the bird women oil painting series. I like the challenge of altering a barbie doll and working on a sculptural piece.

I am going camping in mid May for the Chesapeake Bay Blues Fest ( May 16th & 17th) I hope to get some awesome photos and some peace in nature.