Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bird Woman

This has been a very strange couple of weeks. Recently, I lost a friend I have known since kindergarten( see image). She was such a wonderful person and I feel very honored to have had her in my life. She was given the most beautifully tragic funeral service. Patti was a firefighter for many years and had a FULL firefighter service, with hook and ladder arches going into the cemetery.

On the art side I have been working on a “Bird Woman” this is a different art form for me, but it is taken from the bird women oil painting series. I like the challenge of altering a barbie doll and working on a sculptural piece.

I am going camping in mid May for the Chesapeake Bay Blues Fest ( May 16th & 17th) I hope to get some awesome photos and some peace in nature.

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Ralph Ivy said...

I like you approach to art. Your comment that art is your life resonates with me. And art journals.
My favorite mode of expression. I am an old coot (70) who has spent a lifetime involved in my own art. Not for sales (After 10 years in art I had made $130 bucks - which, I joked, averaged out at $13 a year. Lucky huh? - grin)

Just wanting to connect with other art journal keepers. Now my primary purpose is to record a life being lived.

Thank you.