Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Downtown Olympia

The sun will shine just long enough to remind me of warmer places I've lived. It's great for the Olympia Artwalk. Yesterday when I was downtown doing the window at Doria's; I walked around and saw some graffiti / art in the one alley by Doria's. I could still smell the paint. There are some other artists that have some very interesting work. I really like that Olympia is OPEN to the arts.
The window looks good at Doria's I wish I could have had Fur, the movie about Diane Arbus playing somewhere along all the gowns, shoes and shiny things.

Nasa has released some images of galaxies colliding, I think they are awesome, could be some source of inspiration...

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Gandalf the Green said...

I've seen the NASA photos
Black hole coliding
with their star skirts aswirls
colors ablaze with nuclear fires
as hydrogen and helium fuse
to create heavier elements
birth, life death on a cosmic scale
hope you had a great time today