Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Body Language

The human brain weighs an average of 3 pounds in a man and 2 pounds 12 ounces in a woman. The capacity of the brain has been expressed as the # 1 followed by 6.5 million zeros. It is the size of 2 clenched fists held tightly together.

The human heart weighs between 9 – 11 ounces. It was thought long ago to be where human emotion came from. It is the size of 1 clenched fist. What is the capacity of the heart?

Why do they compare the brain and heart to a fist? Are we angry minded and mean hearted?

Humans are the only animals that cry and we are the only ones that kill our own species.

These are some of the things that piqued my curiosity years ago and prompted one of my art statements. I thought I would share this with everyone (You can read the art statement on my very first posting).

I have been busy getting ready for: Holiday Art Mart (11/28 thru 12/25) at Ukazoo Books in Towson and getting artwork for the Robert Andreasian Gallery in the Arts District, downtown. Plus the other shows coming in December and January. My writing and artwork will also be in the online publication Traipsing Turtle. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful and FILLING turkey day.

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